Shoppers Drug Mart (ON) flyer November 15 to 21

  • Nature's path gluten free cereal:$4.99
  • Mary's organic crackers:$4.29
  • Glutiono gluten free cookies:$5.29
  • Enjoy chewy bars or sunstart cookies:$3.99
  • Catelli gluten free pasta:$2.49
  • Mott's Fruitsations fruit Rockets:$2.49
  • Dr.Detker:$ Shirriff pie crust mix:$5 for 3
  • PC Sweetened condensed milk:$2.99
  • Starbucks PC gourmet whole bean:$8.99
  • Unico Sliced black olives:$5 for 4

Start Date: Nov 15, 2014 End Date: Nov 21, 2014
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